Tipping Features: Minimum 30 cm- Maximum 1.80 meters
Tooling Features: Minimum 1,5- Maximum 4,5 tools
Printing Features: This machine can tip 30.000 prints in 10 hours
Written tip printing and bag tip printing
Digital speed control
With PLC display and servo controlled
Electronic rope-break sensor
Knot-broke sensor
Feature of Digital Counting
PVS Printing Feature
The feature of being adjusted the grose copies easily at requested copies by the user.
The feature of tipping more than one cord with the same tool thanks to the middle tools
Feature of seeing the number of products being displayed on the PLC display
Feature of stopping the machine when the requested copies are obtained.
The user can adjust the speed and all movements of the machine on the display.
Unconditional 1 Year Warranty
Electrical Power…………Watt
Electrical Consumption ….kw/hour
Machine Dimensions-

Shoe-lacing tipping
Bag tipping